Prickett Publishing was the simplest name I could come up with when required to submit  a company name for my ISBN number application. It’s my name, and for now I am the company. Much more important is what I hope the name will come to represent, and that is trustworthy stories that nurture faith.

The Seed That Wanted to Grow is the first of what I hope will be many stories, mostly rhyming ones, that adults love to read to their children and with which children learn to read. Biblical principles and inspirational themes will always be the focus.

My love for rhyme began early. I recall a significant moment at the age of eight when I had an idea in bed at night and got up to write what became a 24-line rhyming poem all in one burst of inspiration. I have often used poems to celebrate events or to thank and encourage people. I memorized rhyming Bible story books before learning to read and later dreamt of writing similar ones someday.

A number of years ago I attended a one-day writer’s conference, then joined a local writer’s critique group. That gave me insight into the writer’s world and led to writing-related jobs on the side. Recently, during a period of unemployment, I was challenged to do something with my talent. I dusted off the ‘seed story’ manuscript and began the search for an illustrator. With my introduction to illustrator Sonia Brule, I knew the storybook would become a reality. I feel that the release of this first book will open the way for the books of my dreams to follow.

May it be!

Linda Prickett


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