During a recent spell of unemployment, my sister said, “Why don’t you do something with your writing?”  Thank-you, Esther!

I’d had the manuscript reviewed at a writer’s conference years ago. Thank-you, Fellow Poet!

My best friend introduced me to the children’s church director at her church who was trained in animation. Thank-you, Debbie!

The children’s church director went beyond my expectations with her cartoon creations of the little seed. Thank-you, Sonia!!!!!

A designer at work scanned the images for me. Thank-you, James!

A graphic artist at my place of work spent many breaks and lunch hours tweaking digital files of the images and font. Thank-you, Katie!!!!!

A local children’s author advised me on many things including ISBN numbers and Cataloguing in Publication information. Thank-you, Susan Ross!

My brother-in-law got me an outstanding printing quote from  in Niagara Falls. Thank-you, Ron!!!

For our first print run, the Ontario Seed Company  donated 300g of Sunspot Sunflower Seeds for the seed packets inside the back covers without having met me or having seen the book. Thank-you, OSC!!!

For our second print run, McKenzie Seeds donated 100 packets each of Sunflower ‘Taiyo’ and Sunflower ‘Pacino’ for inside the back covers. Thank-you, McKenzie Seeds!!!

My husband picked up the proof and took advance orders for about 30 books in a single evening. Thank-you, Gary!!!

Many have given feedback along the way, both constructive and encouraging. Thanks, Everybody!

I pray that the story of The Seed That Wanted to Grow will be an inspiration to many. For that, thanks be to God!


3 Responses to Thank-you’s

  1. Ron Prickett says:

    Hey you! Good stuff! And selling like hotcakes too!
    Congrats Linda and keep selling Pastor G.

  2. Mary Haskett says:

    Congratulations Linda, Your little book looks delightful. I pray every success
    for you
    Sincerely in His love
    Mary Haskett

  3. Barb De Wit says:

    Felicitations! Your inspirational theme has the potential to change lives.
    Barb De Wit

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