The Seed That Wanted to Grow

How much effort the little seed expends in trying to become big!  When exhaustion takes over and despair threatens to grip him, the little seed finds the true source of growtFlying Seedh, and the value of surrender and trust.

Brought to life by water colour and marker sketches, the seed is an endearing character whose struggles many can appreciate.

A read-it-again story for preschoolers and primary students, and an early reader for 6- to 8-year-olds, The Seed That Wanted to Grow is sure to become a favourite of children and parents alike.

Linda Prickett has been writing rhyming poetry since childhood, delighting friends and IMG_0450family with personalized birthday cards and anniversary wishes, and presenting Bible truths in fresh ways. This is her first attempt at fiction, though she hopes the little seed will become ‘real’ to her young readers. Besides a love of words, Linda has a passion for numbers and for teaching. She has edited several book-length manuscripts while pursuing an accounting designation and teaching English as a Second Language. Linda and her husband Gary have five (mostly) grown children and a cat named Fynn.

Sonia Facchin-Brulé has been drawing since childhood. In addition to earning a diploma in Classical AnimatioIMG_4792 (2)n from Sheridan College, she has worked in the animation industry for three years and has illustrated several books.  Currently she is pursuing a career in Ministry.  As Director of Children and Family Ministry at her church in London, Ontario, she captures the children’s attention with her vivid animated lessons. Sonia and her husband, Chris, have two children, Connor and Giuliana, and five fish.


One Response to The Seed That Wanted to Grow

  1. Dagmar McIntyre says:

    What a delightful surprise when I plugged “Linda Prickett” into the google search bar and there is your radiant face, the author of wonderful prose, looking at me on my screen! Post speaking with my dad who mentioned the two of them – our fathers – having recently gotten together and the connection they’d shared triggered me into action, particularly as the condolence card with photo is still here that was intended to be in the receiving hands of your dad in NOTL! Deepest condolences, Linda, to you and your family respective of your beautiful, radiant mum – meine ‘Tante Baerbel’ who shines above and beyond, within and without, with the joviality and liveliness that her unique personality is, remembered and cherished always xo

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